Kung Fu San Soo is an ancient Chinese martial art that utilizes all aspects of self defense. 

This art has its roots in the specialized schools of combat created by five ancient warrior families and involves a balance of both offensive and 
defensive fighting.
             The essential components of combat and self defense are rigorously developed

  • Open hand applications
  • Knowledge of pressure point application
  • Overall physical conditioning
  • Strengthen your mind while improving your coordination, balance, and overall strength 
  • Helps develop instant response to attack through instruction on a series of blocks, punches, kicks, leverages and joint lock (Chin Na), sweeps and takedowns, and throws
  • Gives you a vigorous, enjoyable release from daily stress
  • Improves self-confidence  and self-esteem while practicing this most effective Art
  • Defend yourself against possible heart attack - Kung Fu helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently
  • Defend yourself against being sedentary- While you exercise and improve your stamina, you learn self-defense and become more positive about life

2000 Years Perfecting the Art

Although the exact details of the origin and development of martial arts is not known, we can trace the origins of Kung Fu San Soo back 2000 years to the Quan Yin Monastery in Southern China. This group of holy men (monks) created and organized a structured system of hand-to-hand fighting encompassing five unique family styles. 

Kung, Chinese for 'working' and Fu, Chinese for 'man.' Quan Yin, Chinese for the complete capability, use and versatility of a man's hands in combat.

Nearly 400 years ago, Kung Fu San Soo was introduced in Okinawa, where it was adapted and became known as Okinawa-Te. Through the centuries this martial art form found its way throughout the Far East, intermingling with native forms of unarmed defense adapting to various cultures and norms. Although it has undergone many changes since its humble beginnings, Kung Fu San Soo is steeped in the tradition of the early Masters and encompasses the full breath of this ancient and devastating martial art.

In the late 1950's, Chin Siu Dek (Jimmy H. Woo), brought Kung Fu San Soo to America. Originally he taught this style to those of Chinese decent exclusively. Later, however, Chinese American's and then finally, Americans were allowed to study and learn this system of fighting. He Started teaching in El Monte, CA in 1958. He taught these classes until his death in February 1991.

What is Kung Fu San Soo?

San Soo
is a fighting art, NOT A SPORT, combining the fighting techniques of five families (Tsoi-Ga, Li-Ga, Fut-Ga, Hung-Ga, and Ho-Ga). San Soo is based on non-structured combinations of strikes, blocks, punches, and kicks to vital points of the human body as well as joint lock and holds (known as Chin Na- the skill of seizing and controlling your opponent).

These techniques can be changed instantly to suit the situation and do not necessarily follow any set pattern. By utilizing principles of physics involving movement and leverage as well as controlled breathing, agility, concentration, and balance, fighters develop extreme power.

Psychology of San Soo

The character of an individual cannot be fully known. Because of this supposition, anyone has the potential of causing us physical harm. A clear and balanced mind, coupled with confident skill, give one a great advantage over any threatening situation. Through the practiced ability of determining how to respond and when, empowers one to choose the level of control necessary against any aggressive or threatening act. 

Defend yourself against the possibility of a criminal attack- We live in violent times. Through San Soo, you can gain the edge by learning how to defend yourself and your loved ones.
 Of equal importance, practitioners of the art are taught to harness their internal abilities through development of attitude and mental discipline. 
 These techniques can be changed instantly to suit any situation and do not necessarily follow a set pattern. All surfaces of the hand, foot and body are used from every direction of the compass. Making this a battle art that is fluid, circular, and continuous. By utilizing principles of physics as well as developing controlled breathing, agility and concentration, an individual evolves a refined level of skill, overall balance and strength of the body and mind, and a level of confidence that carries over into daily living. 
The study of Kung Fu San Soo also involves the learning of hand and weapon forms which are choreographed sets of movements implementing all the necessary techniques of this art. Through the practice of these forms, the student develops upper body strength, balance, coordination, fluidity, precision, focus, and refines ones' understanding of the physics of fighting as well as the application of a wide range of shirt, medium and long ranged weapons.
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